Melanie Cellier

Young Adult Novelist

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will you be writing a story about the twins, Lily and Sophie, from The Princess Companion?
A: Yes! Lily and Sophie get two books, so that they can each have the chance to play the starring role and find love. :) I’ve just released the second story right now. Their stories form the beginning of a new series called Beyond the Four Kingdoms that takes place in a new set of kingdoms located across the sea from the four kingdoms. Celine from The Princess Game will also star in this series.

Q: Does that mean you won’t be writing any more books set in the Four Kingdoms?
A: I originally planned for the Four Kingdoms series to contain four books - one happily ever after for each of the princesses from The Princess Companion. That number has already grown as I added two novellas along the way in response to new characters showing up and demanding their own stories. Although I am now moving on to the Beyond the Four Kingdoms series - set four years after the end of The Princess Game - I expect I will come back to the four kingdoms at some point. Poor Frederic still hasn’t found his queen, after all!

Q: What’s up with your spelling?
A: This is a good question! I live in Australia, and Australian English is much more closely aligned in spelling with British English than with American English. (Think fewer instances of z and more of u.) My Four Kingdoms series is currently written in Australian English, although my short story, The Pastry Chef’s Apprentice, is based on American English as it was published as part of an American anthology.

However, I am increasingly aware that a majority of my readers live in the US, so I decided to publish my current series, Beyond the Four Kingdoms, using American English. At some point, I will also publish new editions of the existing Four Kingdoms books in American English also. I hope that all my Australian, British and Canadian readers will forgive me for the change!

Q: What is the name of the kingdom in The Princess Companion? Is it Arcadia or Arcadie?
A: Arcadia is the name of the kingdom. Arcadie is the name of the capital city of that kingdom. (Think Mexico and Mexico City.)

Unfortunately, this seems to have caused a fair amount of confusion. I have learned my lesson, and will aim for more distinct names in the future! :)

Q: I have a favourite fairy tale. Will you be writing a retelling of it?
A: If you’d like to see a favourite tale retold, send me an email or comment on Facebook and let me know. You never know what might inspire me!

Q: Will you always write fairy tale retellings, or do you plan to write other books as well?
A: I love fairy tale retellings! However, I do have plans for a series of books that will not be based on fairy tales, or set in my Four Kingdoms world. It will still be YA and fantasy, though! I am hoping that the first book in this series will come out sometime in 2018.

Q: Do you have any message for your readers?
A: Yes, I do! You guys are all amazing, and you are the ones who allow me to create new worlds and tell fun tales. I couldn’t do it without you, so thank you! (Ok, so maybe this isn’t actually a FAQ, but I wanted to say it anyway :D)

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