I grew up on a staple diet of books, books and more books. And although I got older I never stopped loving children’s and young adult novels. I always wanted to write one myself but it took three careers and three different continents before I actually managed it.

I now feel incredibly fortunate to spend my time writing from my home in Adelaide, Australia where I live with my husband and two children and where I keep an eye out for koalas in the backyard. My staple diet hasn’t changed much, although I've added choc mint Rooibos tea and Chicken Crimpies to the list.

I’m currently working on the
Spoken Mage fantasy series, as well as the Beyond the Four Kingdoms series which is made up of standalone young adult fairy tale retellings. Click on the links in the previous sentence for more info. Check out the Four Kingdoms tab for details of my first YA fairy tale retellings series.

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The Princess Companion Q&A

What draws you to this genre?
A. The Princess Companion is a young adult fairy tale retelling. I love the fantasy and romance of fairy tale retellings and their ability to whisk you away to another world. And I love young adult novels because it's such an exciting age with so many challenges but also so much hope and enthusiasm.

Q. What is the inspiration for the story?
A. The Princess Companion is a retelling of The Princess and the Pea. I chose this fairy tale because it isn't commonly adapted but I find all the unanswered questions fascinating. Why the obsession with a true princess? And since when is physical sensitivity the test of royalty?

Q. Tell us about the cover and the inspiration for it.
A. The cover is inspired by a scene in the book. Alyssa spends quite a bit of time in libraries throughout the novel and on one occasion she ends up sleeping in one of the chairs in the library, wearing a ball gown. But you'll have to read the book to find out why!